Tea Lakes Area Rules


General area rules

All persons entering the area must register at the office, no exceptions.


The wildlife code of Missouri shall be adhered to at all times with exceptions as herein noted.


You must observe the speed limits as posted.  Do not drive beyond the posted "no driving signs".  Stay on the roads provided. Positively "no off the road driving" will be permitted.  Park your vehicle in the designated parking areas only.  


Hunting, firearms, explosives, air rifles, bow and arrows, swimming, wading, seining and abuse  of the wildlife are strictly prohibited. 


Pets are permitted on the area when restrained on a leash no more than 10 feet long and under the control of a responsible adult.


No wildflowers, plants, shrubs, or trees may be removed from the area, nor the same be damaged.


Place all litter in the containers provided and aluminum cans in designated barrels.


Fires must be built only in the fire rings provided at each campsite.


All fees will be posted at the caretaker's office.

Limits and minimum sizes for each species of fish will be posted at the caretaker's office. Not sure! Always ask.


All complaints concerning the area shall be addressed to the chairman of the board of trustees and it will be taken up for action at the next trustees meeting.


The board of trustees may authorize in writing, with a copy to the caretaker or officer-in-charge granting permission to deviate from any and all these rules in the interest of conservation of the wildlife area.

Members shall be allowed guests, two per year. Said guests shall be accompanied by the inviting member and upon subsequent visit shall become a member. Picnic day shall not be deemed a guest day.